At FrontPoint Child and Family Therapy, we strive to be a helpful counseling resource to our clients, our colleagues, and our community.  Our well-rounded team of psychologists, psychiatrist and marriage and family therapists work together to provide child, teen, and adult therapy, family counseling, assessment, parenting, and consultation to children and families, as well as information and trainings about child and teen issues to schools, parents, and mental health providers. 

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The Meaning behind "FrontPoint"

FrontPoint (Frunt' Point) In mountaineering, a secure method of scaling difficult terrain

As in mountain climbing, the barriers we encounter in life may often seem insurmountable and future goals may appear out of reach. During these times, supportive and secure therapy can be a vital component to overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

In counseling, the Frontpoint approach allows an individual, through cooperative work with the therapist, to move in a safe and measured way toward their personal aspirations. Through collaboration, guidance, and support, the FrontPoint therapists helps individuals MOVE BEYOND BARRIERS and reach their goals, one step at a time.


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