Group Therapy
Group therapy provides a place for individuals to work through their problems
in a safe environment while giving them the opportunity for peer interaction, feedback,
validation, and role modeling.  The groups comprised of individuals with similar
needs, interests, and challenges in order to maximize learning potential.


Please note:   FrontPoint unfortunately does not have any current group openings at this time.
For an excellent list of groups in the foothill area, you may look at the following resource put together by Dr. Jim DeSantis:

The Group List- Groups in Pasadena, Glendale, and surrounding areas

Groups offered at FrontPoint include:

Social Skills Groups
These groups focus on helping kids learn social skills that will promote self-esteem, emotional intelligence, and positive peer relations, reduce peer conflict, and help them form the building blocks for successful relationships.

Parent Education Groups
In these groups, parents can share ideas while learning practical tips to deal with problem behaviors and promote positive parent-child relationships.   The parent education leader welcomes questions and discussion, and tailors each session to meet the needs of the parents involved.

Post-Divorce/Single Parent Support Group for Women
Post-Divorce/Single Parent Support Group for Men
These groups are geared toward helping parents gain support, share ideas, and learn new skills for facing the challenges of single parenting.




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