School & Community Workshops for Parents & Teachers

Tools for Success:  A Parent’s Guide
This popular, interactive workshop features hands-on tips for dealing with common problems and supporting your child’s success.  This workshop can be offered as a multi-session course, or as single-session presentations focused on specific parenting-related topics.

Emotional Intelligence
Learn about the factors that make up a child’s “EQ,” and strategies for enhancing Emotional Intelligence to help children thrive in school, in relationships, and in life.

The ABC’s of Childhood Emotional Disorders
An overview to help teachers and parents become aware of the signs of emotional and behavioral disorders most commonly diagnosed in children, such as ADHD and Childhood Depression.

Building Empathy:  Raising a Child Who Cares
Can we teach children to be more empathic?  Absolutely!  Learn ways to promote empathy and create some of the building blocks necessary
to achieve personal and social success.

Social Skills Lessons all Kids can Use
Getting along with others isn’t always easy!  Learn tools for building social skills in kids of all ages.

Feeling Good and Learning to Thrive: 
How to Promote Self-Esteem in Your Child
Self-esteem and a positive self-image are important factors in helping your children gain the confidence needed to be successful.  Here are some esteem-building strategies to use at home and at school.

Learning Disabilities:  An Overview
This educational workshop will help you build a greater understanding of learning disabilities, including early warning signs, strategies and interventions, and accessing available services.

Mom Likes You Best!  Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
The title of this workshop speaks for itself!  Learn ways to prevent and minimize sibling rivalry, and to deal with it in an effective manner.

Teacher-Parent Relations:  Working Together Effectively
Collaboration between parents and teachers is helpful but not always easy.  Learn ways to work together most effectively to help students deal with problem situations and maximize students’ potential .

Drugs 101
This no-nonsense workshop for teens & parents uses an interactive approach to address the realities of drug use.

Marketing Yourself:  A Workshop for Teens and Young Adults
This highly informative workshop focuses on using networking and other strategies to help teens & young adults learn to effectively market themselves to build academic and career success.

It’s Not Just Teasing:  Strategies to Stop the Bullying
Bullying is a serious issue that needs serious solutions.  This workshop addresses the factors that lead to bullying, as well as strategies that can help decrease bullying and prevent kids from becoming victims.

Building a Successful Team:  Strategies to Promote
Positive Staff & Group Relations
This program features hands-on exercises to help staff and/or group members work together in a positive, effective manner.

Getting the Mad Out: 
Anger Management Strategies for All Ages
Everyone gets mad sometimes, but dealing with anger is often difficult.  Here are some effective methods for helping kids manage their anger and learn to express it in positive ways. 

Hope Still Exists:  A Workshop on Suicide Prevention
This important workshop focuses on helping school personnel and mental health professionals learn to recognize the warning signs and implement strategies to aid in suicide prevention.  Focal points include raising awareness of suicidal risk factors and warnings signs, and increasing knowledge of practical interventions.

Understanding Autism
“Understanding Autism” is designed to give educational professionals an overview of autism, its common characteristics, and options for treatment.  Strategies to support successful mainstreaming will also be discussed.

A number of other topics are also available, including Behavioral Difficulties, Tragedy & Loss, and many others.

Please contact Dr. Lisa Staab Shadburn, FrontPoint Clinical Director, to schedule a presentation  or to receive more information.


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